Employee Benefits


Less Than 10 Employees

Giving a small company the same employee benefit resources as a big company.

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0-50 Employees

Providing a company with employees benefits that align with their growth and development.


Large Group

Comprehensive coverage, competitive pricing, supporting the unique demands of large groups.

Every business, regardless of its size or industry, thrives on the backbone of its employees. At SeibertKeck Insurance Partners, we offer robust Employee Benefits solutions that resonate with the specific demands of every organization - big or small, developing or established. Our vision is simple: Empower businesses by empowering their employees.

For Businesses with Less than 10 Employees

Size doesn't define success, and we ensure even the smallest enterprises have access to the same quality employee benefits resources as corporations. Our solutions are tailored to enhance the potential of small yet mighty teams.

For Businesses with 0-50 Employees

Improve your organizational health by providing employee benefits that align perfectly with the growth and development of your business, a fitting insurance partner as you gear up to scale new heights.

For Large Groups

Meet the unique demands of large groups with our comprehensive coverage. Coupled with competitive pricing, our expansive benefits solutions are designed to accommodate the diversity and complexity of large enterprises.

Key Lines and Areas of Support

We stand by our promise to offer extensive support through our comprehensive array of services. Our key benefits lines cover:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Life, AD&D
  • Disability Insurance, both Short & Long-term
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Savings Account
  • HRAs
  • FMLA

Our Holistic Approach

The best benefits programs result from strategic advice, keen understanding, and proactive responses. Our seasoned team designs your benefits program to cater expressly to your employees' needs while aligning with your organization's primary stakeholder goals. This successful assessment, audit, and planning process links our knowledge with your specific needs and challenges.

Plan Design

Recruiting and retaining top talent becomes much simpler when you offer an attractive benefits plan. With our strategic and conscientious plan designs, keep your employees tied closely to your business vision.

Employee Wellness

Promote positive behavioral changes and a healthy work environment with our wellness plans crafted to boost workplace productivity and morale.


Stay ahead of the curve with our consistent compliance support that keeps you on track with evolving ACA & DOL requirements without breaking a sweat.


Enhance benefit satisfaction with our educational resources, designed to help your employees fully understand and utilize their benefits.

Request a Competitive Employee Benefits Quote

Leverage the talent of our seasoned agents to guide you through multiple plan options at competitive rates, helping you secure the right coverage for your business.

At SeibertKeck Insurance Partners, we believe in building strong partnerships that support growth and sustainability. Partner with us as we stand behind you with our 100-year history and the proactive, hard-working people of SeibertKeck Insurance Partners.

Founded in Akron, OH, we're immensely proud to serve our surrounding Ohio regions. Choose SeibertKeck Insurance Partners and give your employees the benefits they truly deserve because you grow when they grow.


Enrollment Options

  • From traditional paper applications to online solutions, we offer a range of enrollment methods to meet the unique needs of your organization.

  • Traditional: Know what to expect with this no-frills, paper-driven approach to employee benefits.

  • Virtual: Enjoy both the comfort of a traditional defined coverage approach and the ease of streamlined processes using online HR and employee benefits portal.

Whatever the size of your organization, our team has the knowledge and resources to support you in nearly all aspects of your employee benefits program, including but not limited to: health, life, disability, health savings accounts, and cutting edge enrollment solutions.

Employee Benefits Quote

Our experienced agents will help guide you for the right plan with mutiple options at competitive rates.

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