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Red Grape Vines

Blending your Coverages

Coverage as unique as your winery

Blending the appropriate combination of your insurance coverage is essential for your business.

Production Contamination 

Provided for loss to wine and food products that are withdrawn from sale due to contamination.

Wine Leakage

Coverage for resulting damage to wine and other covered property cause by wine leaking from a tank, vessel, barrel, etc.

Pesticide and Herbicide Applicator 

Limit of $25,000 occurrence and $50,000 aggregate to provide protection for unintentional drift of chemicals to the property of others.

More ways we have you covered

  • Outdoor vines

  • Trellises 

  • Harvested grapes

  • Changes in extreme temperatures

  • Brands and labels

  • Liquor liability

  • Theft/vandalism

  • Cyber liability 

Our Process

Our proprietary 5 step process of client engagement and continuous risk management. We are helping our clients take back control of their total cost of risk, with priorities on greatly reduced claims and premium savings.


Reach out to Jay today!

Jay Hemphill

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