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Trucking Insurance 

Get a Quote, Get Covered and Get Moving 

No other agency specializes so deeply in insurance for trucking and transportation.


If you are a trucker or driver, you may be surprised to find that a large well-established agency exists that has made a specialty of taking care of your insurance needs. We can help you with a quote and a policy immediately in most cases. We request filings that are often posted within 24 hours.


Our staff is trained to identify as many areas as possible to reduce your costs without sacrificing your coverage. Your premium can be drastically affected by such things as fleet discounts, claims free discounts, multi-policy discounts, business association discounts and other rating factors. If you are working with any other agency you are probably paying too much.

Our Trucking Experts

Sarah Wenner-Bloomhuff

Executive Vice President


Phone: 234.678.2837

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Dave Wilsom- 2021.jpg

David Wilson

Client Advisor 

Phone: 330.743.3300

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Michael Thompson-2020.jpg

Michael Thompson

Client Advisor 

Phone: 234.678.2833

Email Michael

Gordon Lyons-2020.jpg

Gordon Lyons

Client Advisor 

Phone: 440.926.2561

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Patty Roddy-2020.jpg

Patty Roddy

Client Advisor

Phone: 614.827.3422

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What our Clients are Saying

"Sarah knows her stuff. She is knowledgeable, understanding, and quick. She saved my company hundreds of dollars while providing us with more coverage than our previous agent." 

Michael W.

West Virginia 

"The team at SeibertKeck Insurance Partners is outstanding. We needed a quote on a new fleet, and they gave it to us within a few hours. We cannot say enough about their great customer service."

Tina K.


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