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Ways to protect your home after you are deceased

Has your attorney talked to you about obtaining a Transfer on Death Designation Affidavit?

Are you concerned that your insurance company will continue with your coverage?

Legal minds are concerned about the gap in insurance coverage after death of the insured and before the beneficiary can obtain their own coverage.

What proactive steps can be taken to ensure that my home is insured properly:

  1. Talk to your agent and share your plans for the home once you are gone.

  2. Don’t assume that all insurance companies respond in the same manner. Insurance contracts vary company to company.

  3. Is your beneficiary currently living with you? That could make a difference in how your “transfer” in coverage is determined.

  4. Is the beneficiary shown as an insured or an additional insured on your home policy?

  5. Do you know what the plans are for the home?

· Will the beneficiary live in it?

· Will the beneficiary rent it out?

· Will the beneficiary sell it?

6. Ask your agent for details on how long your insurance company will remain on the current policy?

· Some give 30 days

· Some require a rewrite to a dwelling fire (less coverage)

· Some allow until the next renewal

· This again, varies company to company

7. Be sure you have addressed these issues with your independent insurance agent for peace of mind.


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