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How to Celebrate Halloween Safely

Halloween is nearly here! This holiday is a favorite for many people. However, we encourage

you to follow these tips to make sure everyone in your family has a safe and enjoyable evening.

Tips for Parents

  1. Try to keep your kids on the sidewalk and out of the street. If your neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks, equip your kids’ costumes with something reflective.

  2. Plan your route with your kids ahead of time. Talk to them about where you’re going and it doesn’t hurt to show them on a map. Review traffic safety rules, like making eye contact with a stopped driver before walking in front of their vehicle.

  3. Stay with your kids. If your child is 12 or younger and you can’t personally accompany them while they’re trick or treating, make sure there’s another responsible adult who can.

  4. Don’t let kids eat candy during trick or treat. Wait until you’re home and supervise them. That way you can make sure whatever they’re eating looks safe and that your child won’t have an allergic reaction.

  5. If you’re participating in handing out candy, don’t use a communal candy bowl. With the continued presence of COVID-19, it’s best to drop individually wrapped candy into a child’s trick or treat bag or container.

Tips for Drivers

  1. Watch for kids on the street and sidewalk. Children are likely to be in places you wouldn’t normally expect them. Especially at night. Some Halloween costumes may also be difficult to see in the dark.

  2. Use extra caution when driving through neighborhoods and alleyways. Drive slower than you normally would and stay vigilant!

  3. Avoid driving if you are a young or inexperienced driver. If you can avoid driving on Halloween weekend, you probably should.

  4. Don’t drink and drive. You should never consume alcohol before driving, but the risk of fatal accidents for both drivers and pedestrians is much higher.

  5. Avoid parking in spots that require you to reverse. Young children are easier to miss if they’re walking behind your car. Avoid backing out of places where trick or treaters may be walking. If you have to, try to have another adult guide you out of your spot.


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