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Why Cyber Liability is Important?

The food and beverage industries are not immune to digitization. As the rate of adoption for PoS systems and the use of credit card transactions increases, so does cyber exposure. Organizations in the restaurant industry that have any cyber footprint and house individual/consumer data are at risk of attack. Small to medium-size businesses -- including restaurants, bars, and taverns -- are prime targets for cyber malfeasance as well. 61% of small businesses experienced a breach of some form in 2017 (Ponemon Institute).

5 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Coverage

Increasing Exposures

As establishments continue to increase their use of digital technology to provide basic services internally and externally, so increases the exposure to attack.

Privacy Laws

Cyber coverage will pay for the costs of investigating a potential breach determining if notification is required, and providing notification services and
credit monitoring to affected individuals.

Third Party Providers

A recent Shockwave study revealed that in 65% of breaches, some third party data company was involved.


Cyber coverage can include “business interruption coverage” which will pay for the loss of profits while these systems are down, awaiting restoration.

Internet-Based Point of Sale Systems

More frequently, restaurants, bars and taverns are being run using PoS and computer systems. This makes them susceptible to breaches, as hackers could infiltrate the system and use that capability to steal or corrupt data or commit other crimes.

If you're going to have staying power, insurance for your restaurant or food business is critical. This is a recipe for success, call us today!

Marc McTeague


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